1965 Plymouth Belvedere II: American Classic

by Vera L.

Let’s take a step back in time.  It’s 1965, and we’re cruising down PCH in Orange County.

It’s around 7 pm and the weather is cooling down in Laguna from a hot, sizzling summer day.

With the windows down in my Plymouth Belvedere II, there’s a nice, cool breeze coming in off the Pacific Ocean.

The radio is blaring with the sound of Wolf Man Jack’s voice as it echoes from the car.  His raspy voice and his howls blend with the sound of my V8 engine as I floor the pedal and rocket down the highway.

I yearn for the past again.  Who wouldn’t love to go back to a time when cruising was fun and songs like “California Girls” by the Beach Boys played?  Sitting on my plaid blanket  in the sand,  watching everyone eat a burger from the local burger stand, I would sit back and relax.  I’d look to the “slant-back” roofline of the Plymouth and start to think about my next adventure on the road…  Will it be Route 66 or a drive up the coast?

Own your own piece of nostalgia!  This 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II is available at Tuttle-Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Irvine, Orange County.  But, unlike so many classic tunes from the 60’s, it won’t last long!  So come in today to view and experience this blast from the past, and maybe take it for a spin.  Or at least sit back and picture it parked in your driveway, intriging all your neighbors.

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Jeep: 70 and Never Looked Better

By Kristin Keller

2011 marks the 70th Anniversary of Jeep.  To celebrate, Jeep released a line-up of special editions, featuring Bronze Star exterior paint, commemorative 70th anniversary badges, perforated leather seats, and Berber carpet.

Jeep has proclaimed itself as “one of the world’s few, true icons.” Normally, we’d take issue with such a brazen statement, but in the case of Jeep, we don’t really disagree. In fact, in a good portion of the developed world, the word ‘Jeep” is synonymous with sport utility vehicles in general… like Kleenex or Coke. – AutoBlog

Jeep began in 1940 when the US Government commissioned a utility vehicle for reconnaissance, to replace the Army’s motorcycles and Model T’s.  The Willys-Overland company won the contract and began producing the first Jeeps within 49 days.  The name Jeep evolved from the acronym G.P. for “General Purpose.”

Want to see more of the history of Jeep in person?  Come down to Tuttle-Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Irvine and see our Willys Jeep on display (and for sale!).

Irvine Jeep

Own a piece of history. And impress your friends while you're at it.

At Tuttle-Click, we are proud to represent the Jeep brand.  Our customers are enthusiasts and so are we!  To check out our Orange County selection of Jeep Compass, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Patriot, and Jeep Wrangler, stop in today at the Irvine Auto Center.

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What Women Want

by Kristin Keller

Pop culture likes to make jokes about “crazy women drivers,” yet a recent MSN report shows that statistically, women are safer drivers than men.  This article got us thinking about what the differences might be between women and men in the ways they drive and buy cars.

Do women care about technology in their cars? Yes!  And car manufacturers are developing new technology and safety features with a healthy dose of style to appeal to female car buyers.

Women buy 45 to 50% of all new cars and influence up to 80% of all automotive purchases. To target this demographic, manufacturers like Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge are showcasing female-friendly technology that makes their busy lives easier.

“Research shows women car buyers are interested in safety technology, such as backup cameras, airbags, and warning systems, and they’re also looking for seamless communication technology that keeps them connected to their families, work, and social lives,” says Liane Yvkoff of CNet.

Here are some features she highlights from “a recent promotional event for women automotive journalists [where] 11 auto manufacturers demonstrated vehicles they’re marketing toward female car buyers.”

Orange County Dodge Journey Dashboard

The Dashboard of the Dodge Journey enables connectivity and keeps information easily at your fingertips.

  • Chrysler’s Stow ‘n Go seats mean you will never have to deal with removing seats and finding a place to store them just to get extra floor space. The third-row seats automatically fold out of the way and second-row captain’s chairs slide and fold into the minivan’s floor. Safety features have also been upgraded in the 2011 Chrysler Town and Country, including rear headrests that meet new crash test standards. The new headrests fold out of way when not in use, which improves rear visibility. Although the rear backup camera is there to help out drivers in a pinch.
  • Dodge Journey seats 5 to 7 and has a few touches of its distant cousin, the Chrysler Town and Country, such as an automatic liftgate, a 115-volt outlet, and clever seating and storage. Second-row seats tilt and slide to fold flat and offer optional built-in child booster seats that pop up when you need them and stow away when you don’t.
  • Working Orange County moms can store laptops and other electronics in the Journey‘s storage compartment under the front-seat cushion. A rear entertainment system won’t be available until the 2012 model, but it features Chrysler’s new uConnect system with a large touch-screen navigation system and rear backup camera. The infotainment system offers all the latest travel features for commuting and carpooling, including the ability to looking up traffic, search for gas stations by price, and locate near by movie showtimes and listings.

Tuttle-Click Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Irvine carries the full line-up of 2011 and 2012 vehicles with all the latest technology and safety features.

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Glove Box Evolution

By Kristin Keller

According to a Dodge brand survey, 84 percent of Americans no longer use the glove box to store gloves, which is what the space was originally designed for when it was first introduced in the 1920s, and 72 percent of people do not know how the compartment originally got its name. — TheCarLounge.com

So what do you put in your “glove box”?  If you own a vehicle like the 2008 Dodge Caliber, perhaps you have cold beverages in the “Chill Zone” that replaced the traditional glove box.  Dodge’s survey revealed almost half of the drivers they polled kept something in the glove box that they shouldn’t:  the vehicle’s title.

“Vehicle titles should never be kept in the glove box but rather in a safe place at home or in the office,” said Mike Accavitti, Director – Dodge Brand and SRT Marketing and Communication.

Here are some tips for what should be stored in your vehicle’s glove box:

  • An ice scraper if you live in or travel to snowy areas
  • A small first aid kit
  • Flashlight with fresh batteries
  • A backup cell phone charger
  • Proof of insurance and registration
  • Pens and notepads
  • A disposable camera in case of a collision
  • Your owner’s manual
  • Tire pressure guage

Did we forget anything?  Do you keep anything special in your glove box?  Let us know in the comments.

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Valet Parking 101

By Kristin Keller


Here are some tips for using valet service, whether you’re at the Irvine Spectrum, Fashion Island, or a nice restaurant in Laguna Beach.  Previous valet attendants throughout the internet contributed to this list.

  • Explain a car’s quirks, such as complex security systems or aftermarket modifications.  If you have to turn your key in just the right way to get it to start, or if your parking brake is a little stiff, these are things its smart to communicate to the valet attendant.
  • Don’t ask the valet to bring your car around multiple times to retrieve items from it.  If you need something from your car, ask the valet attendant to go get it for you and tell him or her exactly where to find it in your car.
  • Keep your car clean!  No one wants to get in a smelly or untidy vehicle.
  • Note your mileage.  If your vehicle has more than one mile more than when you handed over your keys, you have a right to complain.
  • Don’t leave valuables or anything illegal in your car
  • The “release of liability” verbiage on your ticket will likely not hold up in court.  If a valet service dings or damages your car, get a report filed on the incident and their insurance should cover repairs.  (Remember, if you need paint or body work, Tuttle-Click Collision Center can help you with all repairs, big or small!)
  • Valets often work for a contracted service rather than the establishment you are visiting.  If you have a dispute or complaint about the valet, notify the hotel or restaurant management.  They can often help settle the problem with the valet service for you.
  • Be wary in major cities where valets must park cars on the street. If a valet parks illegally or forgets to feed the meter, you can get stuck with the ticket.
  • If you tip a little when you drop off your car, chances are you will receive better service.  The valet is more likely to park your vehicle close by and bring it back to you quicker.
  • Don’t forget to tip!  And if your valet is working especially hard, during a busy night, or wiping down your seats and escorting you with an umbrella on a rainy day, throw in another few dollars.


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Adventure is out there. It’s hard to reach it without my Jeep.

By Kristin Keller

Few are familiar with our hobby.  Geocaching is like treasure hunting.  People hide “caches” in secret locations, publish the GPS coordinates online, and we find them (usually).  Some caches are camouflaged Tupperware containers in the woods, some are Altoid tins stuck with magnets to road signs, some are tiny film canisters hung discreetly in trees.  Some contain small objects you can swap out for your own, like keychains, coins, pencil erasers, or small plastic toys.  Others contain only a rolled up piece of paper, a log you sign to prove you’ve found it.  Every cache is different; some require solving a riddle or deciphering clues to find.

My fiance and I have found hundreds of caches in four states.  Our latest project is a series called “Around the World in 80 Caches,” which, as its name suggests, is a collection of 80 caches hidden throughout Orange County.  Each has a theme of a specific country.  You have to complete all the countries in a continent to collect the clues to find the continent, and then you have to find all the continents to find the grand finale:  Planet Earth.  Many of the caches are containers painted to look like the nation’s flag, and contain currency and other items from that country.  We’ve only found seven so far, but we’re determined to conquer “the world” by the end of the year.

A good GPS device is crucial, as well as some rugged shoes and a sense of adventure.  However, our greatest tool is our Jeep Wrangler.  It gets us to places others cannot reach.  We don’t go home until it, and we, are filthy and tired.  Our Wrangler is 16 years old and has driven cross country, up mountains, through mud puddles the size of jacuzzis, and over enormous boulders.  It tackles any terrain expertly and gives us a fun ride.


To anyone interested in geocaching, I say follow three easy steps:  sign up for an account at geocaching.com, get a good GPS device, and buy a Tuttle-Click Jeep.  We’ll see ya out there… and when we do, we’ll be sure to give you the “Jeep wave.”

I’m off to Irvine in my Jeep Wrangler to find Pakistan!


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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee: It’s For Real And Better Than The Buzz!

Most visitors to our showroom would say that we have a certain bias to the Jeep product line and…you’d be right! So when it comes to the brand new, 2011 Grand Cherokee, of course it’s the best one ever. But don’t take our word for it, rather take the word of experts like Motor Trend!

Now that you are sufficiently excited and convinced, simply drop by or visit our website and schedule your test drive. In other words, you are the next expert.

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